Dignified and lawful parting with employees Series of 3 events WEBINARS


How to part with an employee in a dignified and lawful manner? And why bother about this issue at all?

We will talk about this on our three webinars in April and May. This is a series of events inspired loosely by a report "Severance pay, outplacement and benefits' packages". It will be run by the Partners of Lee Hechi Harrison DBM and the Law Firm GDBD.

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 5 April, 9:30 a.m.

"What kind of severance pay and termination packages should be offered to the manager?" Market practices?

Training persons: Agnieszka Jagiełka LHH Polska, Ewa Badowska Domagała GDBD

We will talk about severance pays to be obtained by managers leaving a company not of their own will and what additional benefits are offered to them. We will show you how companies solve various formal issues regarding the settlement of benefits offered to the terminated persons. And finally, how packages affect the search for work by managers and their assessment of the entire situation of termination.


26 April, 9:30 a.m.

Controversy over the situation of parting with employees

Training persons: Ewa Badowska Domagała GDBD, Paweł Gniazdowski LHH Polska

What is not clear from the Labour Code but can be a real challenge when terminating employment contracts? What solutions adopted by companies make the job loss situation even more difficult for both parties, and sometimes legally risky?  Is there a connection between the way of conducting a termination conversation and the subsequent behaviour of an employee on the labour market?

What can happen unexpectedly during a termination conversation?


9 May, at 9:30 a.m.

Employer branding of a company in the eyes of former employees?

Training person: Agnieszka Jagiełka LHH Polska

What is the significance of former employees for the conscious shaping of the company's image? What and in what circumstances do they most often tell about employers?

What actions accompanying the termination of employment contracts have the greatest impact on subsequent opinions about the company? What is the difference between the situation of persons leaving the company upon their own decision and those dismissed? What can you learn from Exit Interview and how to use NPS; 6 things to keep in mind when parting with an employee.

As always, it will be short, substantive and inspiring. Welcome!

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